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I’m a freelance content creator based in the Seattle area. My focus is documentary-style production, working with small to medium sized businesses and non-profits. As a freelancer, I draw on an expansive network of contacts and resources in the production community so I can scale from small solo projects, to larger multi-camera crews. Regardless of scale though, my crew and I always have the goal to help our clients connect with a larger and more engaged audience.

Recent Projects

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Small Business Profiles


A few of the great organizations we have had the opportunity to work with.

Client Logos



The centerpiece of our production kit is the Sony FS5 compact 4K cinema camera and a giant case of Canon 35mm lenses. This lets us stay light and mobile while capturing Ultra HD and extreme slow motion.

We also take to the sky quite frequently with the 4K capable DJI Phantom 3 Pro quadcopter, and yes, our FAA registration is printed right onboard.


They say the most important part of a film is what you hear, and so we take sound very seriously. On small shoots, we use pro level wireless lavalier and overhead mics. On larger shoots, we have a dedicated crew member mixing a variety of sources and ensuring that you sound awesome.

Studio & Lighting

We have a studio space in the Pioneer Square area, but where that’s not feasible we can bring the studio just about anywhere with 9ft seamless backdrops in a variety of colors and studio soft box lighting. If our on-screen talent prefers a teleprompter, we have a very portable through-the-lens prompter system with wireless speed control, so there’s no need to sweat over memorizing complex scripts.

Other Stuff

Of course there are tons of toys like dollies and jibs and handheld camera stabilizers that you can use to shoot out of moving vehicles, but suffice to say, we’ve got gear covered. If you think your project will require other specialized facilities, feel free to get in touch and we can gather any info needed to make budget and scheduling estimates.

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